Personality Development

The workshop which lasts for two days is aimed at bringing out the hidden positive traits of audience. And help them understand the key role that good personality plays in their day to day endeavors of life. The attraction of any workshop is its content. We have taken utmost care in developing the content to add the element of interest and instructiveness. After completing each concept the participants would feel the sense of contentment and feel so alive, empowered and capable to contribute to the world.

Course content

• Personality: The Extrinsic and the Intrinsic of it
• SWOT Analysis for Self Development
• Enhancing Personal Effectiveness
• Emotional Intelligence
• Behavioural Traits : Empathy , Leadership Skills , Group Dynamics
• POWER Play, Power Dressing and Power Personality
• Soft skills honing


The program will be interactive. The program delivery will contain presentation, video, exercise and discussion based question and answers. Apart from these there could be activities to practically implement these concepts and also to add some fun element to the whole endeavour!


Certificate of Participation would be provided to all the participants. We have many more new, exciting & innovative programs to share with you. We look forward to your active participation and nominations.

Soft skill is a ability required and expected from persons for finding a suitable job, its maintianince and promotion.


Coomunication and presentation skills
Decision making skill
Leadership skills
Team working skills
Creativity and problem solving skills
Time management
Positive attitutude
Self motivation
stress management


Mock drills
Role plays
Case study discussion
Business games